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Posted by Gary Hall on Jun 12, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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afterhoursRockford.jpgGetting a mortgage is a big step in your financial journey. It’s a financial decision that may cause you to feel overwhelmed especially when trying to determine the best areas to buy a home in Grand Rapids. Perhaps you’ve found the home you love and want to make an offer but you don’t look like a serious buyer because you haven’t been pre-approved yet.

There are many factors in the process of securing a mortgage in Grand Rapids and they may make you nervous, but our mortgage lenders at ChoiceOne Bank are confident about helping you get a mortgage for your Grand Rapids home. Our seasoned mortgage lenders have been in banking for over 15 years, and know exactly how to help you get your dream home. Here’s the top three reasons why you’ll want to get a mortgage with ChoiceOne Bank and stop worrying about the little details.

1. Wealth of Knowledge

ChoiceOne Bank has been serving the West Michigan community for nearly 120 years. Our lenders, Board of Directors, and President are local members of the West Michigan community. They understand the community, and how to serve our families, farmers and businesses. Aside from having expert knowledge about the homes in Grand Rapids and the communities in West Michigan, most of our mortgage lenders have been helping customers understand the Grand Rapids mortgage rates for over 20 years. They’ve helped thousands of customers with varying budgets and dream homes. Each customer is different, with their own set of needs, and goals. Our lenders know how to help each customer take the next steps towards their dream home.

2. Everything Stays Local

When you get a mortgage with ChoiceOne Bank, everything is done locally. You’ll work with a lender who is a local member of the community in one of our local branches. The decision making and underwriting is all done locally. We won’t have to “send to corporate for approval.” The whole process is done locally so it is that much quicker and personal.

3. Quickest Pre-Approval Process

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage helps you become a serious buyer. When you make an offer on a house, and you are already pre-approved; the seller will take you seriously. ChoiceOne offers the quickest pre-approval process. In most cases, we can get you pre-approved the same day and help you close a mortgage in 28 days or less. This is quicker than any of our competitors! And when you are looking for a home in a competitive market such as Grand Rapids, you will need a pre-approval letter to make sure you get the house you want!

ChoiceOne Bank is here for you for every financial milestone in your life. With our seasoned lenders, local process, and quick turn-around time; we’re confident that we can help you buy the house of your dreams. Looking to apply for a mortgage or get pre-approved? Book an appointment, apply online at or call us today at 616.887.7366! Take the best step you can in your financial journey…get your mortgage with ChoiceOne Bank!

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