ChoiceOne Bank Enhances Digital Security Moving to “.BANK” Domain

Posted by Austin Schippers on Jan 18, 2023 10:15:27 AM

ChoiceOne Financial Services, Inc., and ChoiceOne Bank are pleased to announce advancements in digital banking security. ChoiceOne will transition their website domain to “” from “” on January 23. This change will provide another layer of enhanced security and verification requirements to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable the Bank to provide a greater level of digital security.

“Customer security – both in personal and financial information – is always a top priority at ChoiceOne,” said ChoiceOne CEO Kelly Potes. “With a reputation for providing industry-leading technology that supports our customers’ needs for high-speed convenience, security is at the forefront of every decision we make. Transitioning our domain name to ‘’ from ‘’ will provide additional security features giving our customers an even greater level of digital security today.”

ChoiceOne email addresses and website URL will now end in ‘.bank’. Before interacting with ChoiceOne emails and before entering a username and password on ChoiceOne’s website, customers can simply look for the ‘.bank’ to authenticate the email and website. email addresses will forward to the new email addresses, and the ‘.com’ website will redirect to the new ‘.bank’ website. Customers will want to update their address books and bookmark for the site.

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